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“CRASF is important because it is one of few tri-county coalitions working effectively to bring more investment to the communities in South Florida.”

- Krissy Singer
“It is important to educate various Not-For-Profit organizations throughout the tri-county area of the resources related to financial services and equitable community investments that CRASF has to offer. The diversity of the Board and its membership provides a strong foundation for building robust organizations and improving our South Florida community.”
- Monti Larsen

“Coalition work is sorely needed in South Florida where so much opportunity is lost to silos and short-term thinking. The CRASF is a model of how to do coalition work properly, and the level of involvement that every member has in the direction of the coaltion, no matter how small, is something that is managed well, and truly amplifies the efforts of the whole.”

- Adrian Alberto Madriz

“The CRASF is vitally important to the tri-county areas because of its advocacy efforts to provide access to capital  and other banking services in low and moderate income communities.”

- Teresa Johnson, MS

“CRASF is a unique organization that reaches the tri-county area and seeks to form a strong coalition of stakeholders to influence how  CRA funding is distributed throughout the region to maximize its impact on low-income communities.
The importance of CRASF to me is the “great equalizer” of community efforts. Keeping all of our minds, hearts and actions in the right place.”

- Patricia Tracey